A little trip to the West Coast…

This past weekend I took a quick trip to the West Coast.  Place of choice: California.  It was beautiful; even with cloudy skies and lower temperatures, the scenery was gorgeous to take in. I wanted to share the beautiful shots I took while there for my short trip.

Here are a few pictures of the following locations that were seen:

1.  The Oscars Red Carpet! Yep! The Oscars were setting up for the big event on Sunday, and I was given the chance to see it all.  ❤

2.  TCL Chinese Theatre

3.  The hand and footprints of the stars in the Harry Potter series. (I just showed my geek side a little.)

4. & 5.  Rodeo Drive

6.  The Wilshire Blvd Hotel

7. The Four Seasons Hotel

8. The famous Hollywood sign

9. The Santa Monica pier

10. & 11.  The Santa Monica Beach – might I add, that water was freezing!

12. & 13. The gorgeous view from the plane ride home again.  Above the clouds; impressive!


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