A long time away….

As the summer has started, the heat has risen and the days have become longer, I realized that I have been away from my passion way too long.  I have truly just enjoyed my summer days; my precious moments with my beautiful daughter; my wonderful moments with family and my incredibly amazing time with my friends, however, I have missed my time behind a camera.  I absolutely love taking photographs; of anything and everything I see.

So, I decided to take some time to do what I love; what I’m passionate about; what I truly enjoy doing.  Photographs.  I took a trip over July 4th weekend, that turned out to be so incredibly amazing for me.  Amazing in two ways:  getting to spend some great moments with a very dear friend of mine and because there were so many amazingly beautiful things I was able to photograph.  (Photos to come soon, I promise).  This time I took for myself, to truly do what I love and enjoy, has given me the extra jolt I needed in my passion!  Truly!

Are you missing that jolt for your passions?  Have you taken too much time away and really need to get back to the basics?  Take some time to sit down, think about what truly makes you passionate about the things you love, and find a way to start doing them again.

With love,

MaeLynn Photography ❤


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