A Magical Adventure was had by all…

Where does one begin to describe a trip to Walt Disney World?  The words amazing; wonderful; fantastic; phenomenal or even magical do not even come close to the description necessary.  There are so many things to see and do at Disney World.  And it can be quite overwhelming to say the least.

Magic Kingdom is just that – Magic.  Filled with Princesses, Princes, Queens, Kings, Fairy God-Mothers, Fairies, Mickey Mouse and friends.  You can meet almost anyone and everyone you want in Magic Kingdom.  Not only did we meet as many princesses as possible while there, we decided to have dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  Let me tell you; I felt extremely under dressed in my shorts and t-shirt compared to all the princess dresses in there.  🙂  And fireworks happen every night!  So, we stayed and watched them one night, which was just wonderful to see.

Epcot is a park that lets you tap into your space interests and world culture.  We did not get to spend enough time at Epcot exploring like we wanted.  That just means we must go back at some point right?  🙂   And Epcot has its own fireworks show as well.  Of course we watched that one too.

Hollywood Studios is all about Hollywood!  Movies, lights, cameras, action!  Take the time to check out this park during a visit; there are so many cool rides that not only give you a background on some of the classic Disney movies, but some fun activities in the process.

Animal Kingdom is exactly what it sounds like – animals; in their own “kingdoms”.  This was one of the parks that not only fun and educational but slightly relaxing.

Our trip was nothing short of magical and breath-taking each second while within Walt Disney World.  Leaving was truly very sad to face, and still is sad to realize that we must return to reality back home.  (I will not lie, I’m in my thirties and have cried a few times since returning home due to “the vacation is over blues”.)  So, without further wait, my pictures from our trip to Disney World are ready to share with you!  (Keep in mind, I took all of these with my cellphone, not my professional camera.  I wanted to enjoy my trip through my two eyes instead of a camera lens.)

Thanks for following along MaeLynn fans!

❤ – MaeLynn Photography

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