Here’s to new and exciting things to come!

MaeLynn fans!

For those of you that follow the Facebook page, you have seen the teasers in the past month about the new and exciting things to come.  And I’m sure that each of you have been patiently waiting to have them revealed so that you too can celebrate in the excitement that I am feeling.  (Or at least I hope you are!)

Well, the time is now.  Here are the new and exciting things to come from MaeLynn Photography:

**More blog posts – I plan to post something everyday!  Yes!  Everyday you will hear from me (fingers crossed).  What will I blog about?  Excellent question!

–Session details and sneak peeks to see – This will never change.

–About me! -That’s right, random, fun, interesting facts about myself.  How can you get to know me if I never tell you about myself?  Here is your chance to find out who the photographer is behind the camera.

–Getting crafty! – inspiration ideas I have; creative ideas I have; packaging ideas I have; thank you ideas I have; creative backdrop/floordrop ideas; prop ideas I have; session ideas I have; location ideas I have

–Goodies I ❤ – products, blogs I follow, mentors I have, free resources to use – This is pretty much going to be where I show you what I use and love, and give you the chance to make your own decision if you try it out too.  No, I’m not sponsored by anyone, any brand or any company, so there is no kick-back for me.  I am simply going to share with you all the things I absolutely love from my own research, finding and trying out.

–What I use – equipment, vendors, software, accessories, etc. – Want to know what I use to make my photography business what it is?  Here is your chance.

–Q&A’s – question and answers from all aspects – Client related questions.  Business related questions.  Equipment related questions.

–Session Announcements coming up – Keeping you up to date with what is going on is my main focus.

**More involvement from you! Yes, you will be asked to respond.  Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to stand up in front of the class and give us your family history or anything.  I cannot grow my photography into what you need from me without input from you.  So speak up when I ask for your input.  🙂

**More to give back! – Referral program.  Specials.  Sales on prints.  And so much more to come!

So, to all my loyal fans, get ready!  The fun is about to begin.

❤  MaeLynn Photography


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