Goodies I love – Colorvale’s Photographer Planner

Ever wonder how I keep up with all the things that go on behind the scenes here at MaeLynn Photography?  I wonder the same thing myself.  Just kidding!  I have a secret that helps me out tremendously.

Between responding to inquiries, scheduled sessions, upcoming session announcements, blogs to write, photos to edit for clients, galleries to process for printing, marketing; the list could go on and on and on.  Not to mention, I have to try to keep up with my daughter’s schedule, schoolwork, homework, fundraisers, playdates, birthday party invites and quality time with Mommy.  Then, add in my own personal time, which consists of sleeping, showering and somehow staying awake long enough to accomplish the eight hundred items on my to do list.  After a few weeks of trying to keep track of these things on my own, I realized that I needed help in this department.  That’s when I found Colorvale.

Colorvale is not only an amazing blog I follow, but it also is an amazing company that has so many useful resources and products available for purchase that can change your life.  (More to come on the blog itself in a future post.)  Colorvale offers the Photograher’s Planner.  This planner is a game changer.  A life saver.  A completely amazing product that can literally encompass every aspect of your life, into one planner for ease of use.  I merely stumbled upon this planner in my search for a way to organize my life with my business.  And trust me, it was an actual stumble by me; face plant and all.  I highly recommend this planner to anyone and everyone looking for a way to make their everyday life that much easier.

Here is the link to the website for the planner details: Colorvale’s Photographer Planner

Hope you try out this amazing planner for yourself.  It has so many great benefits to offer in organizing every aspect of your life.

❤ MaeLynn Photography

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