Goodies I love – Colorvale’s Blog

Two weeks ago I told you about the Colorvale planner I use to organize my business and personal life.  Well, today I’m going to talk about Colorvale’s blog; my favorite resource available on the internet.

Let me just start by saying that this was not only an accidental finding for me but a god-send.  Yes!  It truly has been the most informative, inspirational, empowering and educational blog that I have ever laid my eyes on.  I can definitely account for my confidence as a photographer, my business growing and my skill improvement to this blog.

First off, the creator of Colorvale, Stacie Jensen, is amazing.  She truly is a beautiful, wonderfully talented, amazingly helpful woman who honestly just wants you to succeed.  She does honest!  Her story of how she created Colorvale was not only inspiring but made me want to learn from her.  She shares her findings, her mistakes, her accomplishments, her triumphs and her success stories for her own business.

You can find anything on this blog.  Anything.  There are so many different resources available with just the click of a button that it’s so difficult to describe how amazing it really is. Go ahead.  See for yourself.  Colorvale’s Blog

Be sure to sign up for blog post notifications.  I promise, if you are a photographer looking to make your mark in the world, this is one great way to start.


❀ MaeLynn Photography

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