Getting crafty – session ideas

Where do I get my ideas for sessions?  I get asked all the time how I come up with ideas for what to do during a photo session and the simple answer is: I go with the flow.  However, that isn’t always a simple answer as it would appear to be.  You see, I do all kinds of different types of photo sessions, which creates a wide variety of possibilities for session ideas.

For instance, when it comes to sessions that are for Family and Children sessions, the best thing I have found is to literally just go with the flow of things.  I feed my energies, poses and placements off the children in the session.  You have to keep in mind that most children are not interested in having photos taken for a long period of time.  Children have short attention spans, so you must move with the speed of light (pun intended) to get those great family shots or children shots in.    I have found in my own experience, if you keep the children in the session entertained, happy and smiling, the parents usually are much more relaxed and smiling as well.  Which, we all know, turns out for some really amazing session photos in the long run.  (You know, I say most children aren’t interested, however, my daughter could sit for hours having her photo taken, but only if she is the only subject in the photo that is.  But I digress.)  So, in determining what to do in a Family or Children session, I try to base poses and placements off the energies of the parents and children involved in the photo.  You want to give them a feeling of how they interact with one another each day, without feeling like it was “posed” or “staged”, which is actually not too hard to do.  The best poses and placements are those some-what candid photos that are captured where everyone is interacting in some sort of way, without feeling pressured or pushed.

For Newborn and the earlier-aged Milestone sessions, I follow the same theory as children sessions, except I try to follow along with the feeding schedule as well.  Newborn sessions are much longer in terms of time than a typical children or family session.  Feedings, diaper changes and of course, just over-stimulation are things that have to be accounted for in your session time frame, otherwise, you are doomed.  I love babies!  Truly!  But I will say that doing photographs of babies is truly a very difficult task to take on.  You must have a massive amount of patience to handle the time frames that come with newborn sessions.  The best thing about Newborn and Milestone sessions is that you can typically do just about anything as far as poses and placement, and you can include parents in the photos as well and it completely adores the photo taken.

For Senior, Individual, Engagement and Maternity sessions I have one main focus: to capture the true emotion and feeling of the moment in which I am photographing.  This means for a Senior session, I need to capture what emotions a Senior typically has about this time in their life.  Or for an Engagement session, what the couple is about to embark on in the next journey of their lives together.  With Maternity sessions, the incredible wonder of pregnancy and the joys of what is yet to come with their bundle of joy.

Now, Boudoir sessions are a completely different approach for myself.  These are sessions that are almost always for a purpose, where the client already has in mind the end result they are wanting to have, which is the one thing I want to make sure is accomplished for them.  While I have some poses and placements in mind at all times, I try to make sure that we cover what the client was wanting first, and then if we need more, I throw out my ideas as well.

Sessions are the most fun and creative thing in my photography business.  They are what truly brings the creativity out in me.  Sometimes, I sit and ponder new ideas, poses, placements or even just themes for sessions just to see what creative spark I can come up with.

❤ MaeLynn Photography

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