Getting crafty – location ideas

Location, location, location.

They say that the location is a very important part of your session success.  And I must say, they are right.  The location of your session, whether indoors or outdoors, can determine so many different factors for your session.  For instance, lighting, atmosphere, backdrop, floordrop and even clothing options.

When booking a session, I first ask my client what outcome or look are they going for in their pictures.  Are they wanting indoor pictures with a solid backdrop color?  Are they hoping for a session outdoors that has beautiful greenery?  Are they wanting some sort of outdoor oasis?  Those details are dire in making the decision on where a session location should be.

The next question I ask my clients is what outfit ideas or choices have they picked out for their session?  If they have specific outfits in mind, I use those color schemes and their outcome desired to choose the best location options for them.  Now, if they do not have any options in clothing in mind, I will suggest clothing options based on the session location, because both location and clothing enhance one another.

In order to find the perfect location for a session, I literally turn to my Colorvale Location Scouting Book that I told you about last week.  This book holds the secret to all the locations I have found on my scouting searches.  And, if I can’t find the perfect location in my book, I turn to the internet to search for a new location to have.  (And, of course, I write it down in my book to use in the future.)  If I have to turn to the internet for a location, I always make sure to take a trip to view it in person before deciding on it for a session.

Have you found the perfect location for having pictures taken or used a location for a session?  What details did you find in the location that drew you to it for photos?

❤ MaeLynn Photography

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