What I use – Vendor – PayPal

Looking for payment options that don’t cost you an arm and a leg?  Trying to find a way to appeal to the majority of your clients, without breaking the bank yet giving your clients easy payment options?  This was me about three months ago.

In the past, I was only accepting personal checks or cash as payment options, yet that didn’t always suit my clients.  Now, I’m not saying you have to always do everything your clients suggest, you should always stick to your true self in your photography business for certain.  However, payment options was definitely an area that I felt I needed to be overhauled in my business.

In looking for a payment option that my clients could trust and also not cost so much that my business suffered, I decided to go with PayPal.  PayPal had both the longevity of success and the ease of use I was looking for, along with the fact that everyone knows what PayPal is these days.  It was a universal option that I could incorporate into my business simply and benefit from with my future clients.

And, added bonuses from using PayPal include a simple way to send invoices for deposit payments, invoices for final session payments, and the ability for my clients to be able to pay via debit or credit card.  This was a huge plus for my business success.

Check out PayPal for your photography business.

❤ MaeLynn Photography

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