Q and A’s – Finding your business niche

A question I get quite often from everyone is “How did you find your photography niche?”  This is not only a great question, but quite a loaded one.  Because anyone who knows me, knows that I am not only going to give you the answer but the long explanation of why too.

So, for starters, I tried everything.  Every type of photography there is, I tried it.  Some of them were fun; some of them were not so fun; and some of them were downright awful in my opinion.  But, I tried them for myself, and figured out which ones I liked the most.  My favorite:  Children.  The innocence in their eyes.  The wonderment they have when the see the world.  And the fact that no two children are alike is the most fun for me.  It is never a dull moment when photographing children.

Now, what style is my photography?  I love telling stories.  I love photographing the life of a child or family.  My style?  Editorial Lifestyle.  🙂

My advice to you, if you are starting out in your photography business, or just wanting to test the waters, try all kinds of photography styles and types.  Find the one that makes you happy.  The one that sparks the creative parts of you to advance with.  That is the one meant for you.

❤ MaeLynn Photography

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