Getting crafty! – Floordrop Making

Ever see those really beautiful, hard-word floordrops in photos and wonder how much that cost?  Ever been curious as to how to make your own?  Well, it’s actually much more simple than you realize.  Here’s how:

Go to your local hardware store and find a plywood piece the size that you are wanting for your floordrop.  Usually something around the size of 3×6 or 4×6 works perfectly, but you can always go bigger if you need a larger platform for photos.  Once you have your platform picked out, then you should head over to the flooring department and find a wood laminate that catches your eye.  Make sure they have enough material to cover the plywood piece you have as your base and head to the register to pay.

It’s as simple as setting the laminate wood strips to the plywood piece.  Place each piece one at a time, making sure to secure them entirely.  Once you have finished each piece, take a look at what you have created; a floordrop for photo sessions.  Simple.  Sleek.  And much cheaper than purchasing a pre-made floordrop online.


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❤ MaeLynn Photography