Q and A’s – Contracts and Releases

So you’re wondering how to go about contracts.  Why should you have one?  How do you get one or create your own?

Well, first things first, you must have a contract for clients.  Must.  No if ands or buts about it.  A contract is legally binding, in the event that you must go to court for something regarding a photo session of yours.

Second, where do you get one? Well, you could always hire an attorney to draft a contract for you.  Which, is not a bad idea by any means either.  Or, you can use a free service online to draft a contract up and pay for it.  Or, you can do your research, sit down and decide all the aspects you want in your contract, and draft one up yourself.  All three ways are great ways to get a contract done.  Just make sure to have someone in law look it over to make sure you are legally covered as a business from something that could be detrimental later.

Ours personally, we did a combination of all three things actually.  We did our research and decided on all the things we wanted in the contract, down to the most minute detail.  Then used an online legal tool to draft up said contract and details.  And finally, had an attorney we know review it for accuracy and completeness.

Our contract covers the session details, model releases, photo release, print release, copyright license and the final sale / product delivery agreement.  A one stop shop, covering every part of our session with the client and also making sure that both us and the client are protected.

❤ MaeLynn Photography