What’s in a name?

“Look at this bug Mommy!”

She always finds bugs interesting.  Such a curious soul.DSC_3615-2

What’s in a name?

A name is an important identifier.  A name is something that sticks with you for eternity.  A name is an origin; a story; a signature; a brand.

The most common question asked here at MaeLynn Photography is where we got our name.  How did we come up with MaeLynn?

When the idea of MaeLynn Photography came about, it was important to have the origin of its creation in the name.  That origin being the little girl that you see in the picture. This precious little girl was the reason for it all.  As a new mother, I desperately wanted to find a way to stay home with her, instead of going back into the work force.  Of course, the work force has since been a staple in our lives, as we have yet to make this a full-time photography thing.  But hopes, big hopes that one day it can be done.  You see, MaeLynn is a combination of our middle names together.  The most important middle name (hers) being the first half and the manpower behind it all (mine) being second.  This is much in the same way that we are in our relationship as Mother and Child; she is the reason for all that I do as a mother, and I am the guidance behind her.

So that’s where our name comes from.  Our signature.  Our brand.  People. Photographing people is our passion.

❤ MaeLynn Photography