The Holidays are upon us…


Does anyone else get excited, nervous and stressed out all at the same time at the thought of the holidays being upon us?  No?  Just us?

We love the holidays!  Love them with every ounce of our being.  Quality time with family and friends.  The colder weather and hot chocolate mugs.  Boots, scarves and sweaters galore.  Oh, there’s the lights, decorations, fantastic food and caroling too!  What more could someone want in the holidays?

But what about all the stress that leads right up to the day of?  All that worrying, driving all over town, hunting down the bargain sale deals, planning out meals and trying to figure out just exactly how to maneuver it all without losing your hair and your sanity?  That is the exact spot emotionally we end up in as soon as Halloween passes by.  The panic, stress and emotional turmoil that happens is dreadful.  But, somehow, we always prevail and manage to come out on the other end with our hair in tact.  (Well, at least the majority of it.)

So, with that said, we wanted to remind everyone that the holidays are going to be great!  Just you wait!  And, if you need any kind of mental or emotional support, we are here for you.  Promise.

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