Goodies we love – Pretty Presets

Pretty Presets.  We just love them!  Love, Love, Love them!

Pretty Presets are Lightroom actions to use when editing session photos.  These actions are fantastic!  You can do anything you imagined with these actions, although, they are not going to replace just taking a picture correctly in camera.  Pretty Presets are to be used to enhance the beauty of the camera settings you used when shooting the photographs.  They offer presets for color photographs, presets that make it black and white, presets that can add texture and presets that can add different lighting.  So much to choose from.  I have purchased almost every preset available by them, and have used almost every one of them to see how they look.

I highly recommend checking out Pretty Presets.  Not only are they great photo enhancers, they are affordable and extremely user-friendly in Lightroom.  Simple, one-click actions that can take a photo from beautiful to phenomenal very easily.

❤ MaeLynn Photography