Get out there and shoot in Manual Mode on your Camera!!!!!

Have you ever used your camera in manual mode?  Be honest.  ??

I’ll admit, when I started out in my own photography business, I wasn’t using my camera in manual mode.  Nope.  I was using the auto settings, thinking that I was doing a phenomenal job and patting myself on the back when I finished a session for someone.  (High-fives and all.)

It wasn’t until I read a blog post by Colorvale that it dawned on me that I wasn’t living up to my potential as a photographer.  And I wasn’t giving my clients exactly what they were wanting from me; a professional.  I needed to learn this manual mode thing on my camera before it was too late to turn back.  I really needed to understand how it all worked in order to deliver my true talent.

It took me about four days of nothing but trial and error, persistence, sweat and a few tears before I finally figured it all out.  Ok.  I lied.  It was more than a few tears.  I might have spent about an hour crying from frustration with myself before I just pushed through and it “clicked”. Boy has it changed my photography too!  Man!  I wish I had taken the time to learn my camera’s manual mode sooner because it truly is a difference in quality of work.

Check out this blog by Colorvale.  She breaks it down for you in the most simplest terms.  The relation she uses to explain is not only funny, but makes complete and total sense.

Oh, and if you scroll through the comments on the blog, you will see mine.  May 7th, 2015.  Yes, I had to comment.  And she replied to me!  I told you Stacie was amazing!  I’ve received emails from her too about other things in my business.  She truly does want to help you in your photography.

Manual Mode on your Camera

❤ MaeLynn Photography