Q and A’s – How to get started?

So a question I received lately that seems to be popular:  How do you get started in photography?

That is a loaded question honestly.  There are so many aspects to cover, so many things to discuss and decide upon, and yet, so many things that all wrap up into one thing.  Photography.

So, how do you get started in photography?  How to get started with your own photography, whether for a hobby or as a business?  The best advice I can give you – is learn how to shoot in manual mode.  You can refer back to this previous blog of mine if you need to.  Once you’ve mastered this, then you can move forward with the business aspects of things if you are looking to make this a career.  Keep in mind, it’s not going to happen overnight.  Anything that happens that quickly is probably too good to be true and won’t feel like it has all the pieces together completely.  Take your time, plan everything out, strategize and research every aspect before making final decisions on things to avoid heartache later down the road.

Trust me, I’ve done the research.  I’ve compared vendors in every aspect of this business.  I’ve looked into every option for every minor detail and feel confident knowing that I have all my bases covered.

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