A new office for the new year

Since the new year, things have been extremely busy here at MaeLynn Photography.  We’ve been preparing for the upcoming year, for all of our successes, and to avoid any foreseen failures.  One of the biggest things we have been working on is our office space.  A new, spacious, cohesive office space that allows for creativity and better organization.
When re-doing our office space, we wanted to make sure we stuck to our brand in every aspect.  From the furniture, to the décor, to the tiny details inside our filing cabinets, we covered it all.  Our brand is us.  We are our brand.  And we love it.  We truly feel accomplished, organized and finally ready to take on the new year.
So many exciting new things to come, and we will share them all with you guys soon, we promise!  Be on the lookout for details to come.

❤ MaeLynn Photography