A little old with the new…

Sometimes, when I’m sitting on my couch, watching old episodes of FRIENDS, I think about possible session themes.  Huh?  No one else does that?  I’m the only one?  Ok.

So, anyways, I’ve been really thinking about this vintage themed session involving an old lamp and rotary phone from my grandparents house growing up.  This lamp is my favorite lamp!  It has this sixties patterned flowers in the blue, green and orangey-brown colors that were popular then.  Seriously, this lamp is amazingly gorgeous!  Add in the white, rotary phone, some long strands of pearls and a vintage inspired feather dress with a strappy, flower bow headband; classic, chic, vintage, bold.  Hmmmm, that seems to fit so well with my photography motto.  🙂

Actually, this exact look is what I envisioned when I was branding my business.  Maybe that’s why I’m always trying to ponder how to have this session happen and be perfect.

❤ Amanda, Owner of MaeLynn Photography