What I wanted to be when I grew up….

I remember it like it was yesterday……I was in Pee-Wee drill team, in the middle of a performance at the Zone Championships, and my solo was about to come up.  I was both nervous, excited and ready to rock my solo coming up!  You see, we changed our dance routine up at the last-minute, to include this solo part as a complete side-swiped surprise to the crowd and the judges.  It was a competitive advantage that had yet to be done and we were about to break the mold on creativity.  So, there I was, my solo part had arrived.  I start dancing, hitting every mark as I should and with extreme perfection.  The crowd goes crazy with excitement, cheering on the performance and giving all of us on the field the extra boost of confidence we needed to perfect the remainder of our performance!  We did it!  We had pulled off the unimaginable and ultimately had to wait for the other performances to finish out of protocol.  We won Zone Championships that year!  It was the greatest feeling in the world at that time.

I remember that feeling I had when performing that solo part.  I felt like I was on top of the world, getting to express my artistic flare in the one avenue that truly made me happy.  I was literally on cloud nine for those thirty seconds of fame.  And I loved it!

I knew at that moment I wanted to perform.  I wanted to be on stage! And I didn’t care how that came to fruition, I just knew I had to achieve that somehow.  Broadway.  Dancing.  Singing.  Acting.  Any of those things would have made me happy.  That’s what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Now, apparently I’m not some famous music artist.  And I’m obviously not a Broadway dancer or a big-time Hollywood actress.  But, my artistic flare gets to come out everyday in my photography.  And, I get to be on the largest stage there is: life.  I’m experiencing all kinds of artistic moments every time I’m behind a camera and I get to make a record of those moments with my photos.  That.  That is what makes me happy.

❤ Amanda, Owner of MaeLynn Photography