A little show and tell

So, I decided to be a full-on “Betty Crocker” one night and cook an elaborate dinner for my family and I.  Everything was moving along quite nicely, things were cooking, smells were delicious and dinner time was almost near.  Then this happened……burned my wrist when getting the last item out of the oven.  I’ve been cooking with an oven and stove for well over 20 years now!  I took four years of Home Economics classes and passed with flying colors.  And this still manages to happen from time to time.

Luckily, I had Climate Control and Nangai Oil to the rescue!  Climate Control worked to immediately take the burning sensation out, hydrate the spot and Nangai Oil helped heal the scarring.  AMAZING!  I applied both products twice a day: morning and night and this was the results after only one week.  ONE WEEK!  That is absolutely insanely fast.

If you have surgery scars, battle wounds, scraps and burn scars that you want to get rid of or diminish, I suggest you get some Nangai Oil!  You will be absolutely amazed at the results.  And Climate Control; well that is just a miracle in a bottle!  Everyone should have Climate Control as part of their skincare line.

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