Skincare is key!

I never put much thought into skincare prior to my 35th birthday.  I always thought the hype about it was just a way for the beauty industry to scare everyone into spending hundreds of dollars on products to only redeem the same skin in the end.

Boy was I wrong! After trying the skincare product line, the entire line, from SeneGence, I have seen a tremendous 180 degree change in my skin texture, appearance and fine lines and wrinkles.  Yes, wrinkles, at the age of 35!  Ugh!

I started my skincare journey on April 23, 2017.  In a matter of 18 1/2 months I have managed to completely rid my face of the uneven coloring, add back a luminous glow that I haven’t seen since I was pre-pubescent and repair all the sun damage I created from years of tanning beds and laying out in the backyard with baby oil.  Unbelievable!

If I suggest one thing more than anything it’s the skincare product line.  I promise you won’t regret the money spent to feel like yourself again.  I never believed how much I felt unlike myself until I looked back at pictures.  100 times better!

Let’s get you started today!

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