Look of the day!

Full face SeneGence products!


  • Moca Java ShadowSense and Garnet ShadowSense mixed to fill


  • Sandstone Pearl ShadowSense for base color all over eyelid
  • Garnet ShadowSense for outer corner
  • Pink Opal ShadowSense for center eyelid
  • Whisper Pink ShadowSense for inner corner
  • Black/Brown EyeSense for eyeliner
  • Black LashSense for mascara


  • Pouty Pink BlushSense
  • Silver Rose Powder for highlight


  • Rose Gloss for topcoat


  • Dewy MakeSense for foundation
  • Natural powder for coverage and setting


All items are currently in stock and available for immediate shipping!  Order this look today!

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