Lessons We’ve learned

Since we go each year to Disney, we have manged to learn a thing or two with each trip that was new to us. We are pretty sure that we will continue to learn something new with each trip to come, but for now, here is a listing of all the things we have learned so far.

  • Trip buttons – these are available at each resort hotel; you just have to ask for them. If it is your first trip, a holiday trip, a celebratory trip, etc, just tell the front desk at check in and they will get the buttons for you if you want them.
  • Fastpasses – you get three fastpasses per day in advance. Once you use them, you can book a new fastpass one at a time. We learned this on the last day of our first trip, and missed out on so many rides that we could have been on.
  • You can leave the park and go back later that same day. Yes! Whether you have a one park a day ticket, or a park hopper ticket, you can leave and go back later in the day. So take that nap in the middle of the day if you want. Or go swimming at the hotel and come back that evening.
  • Dining Plans – snacks on the dining plans are not exactly what you would think of as snacks. For instance, the large bag of chip and dale pretzels – that is 1 snack credit. Sometimes, you don’t want an entire meal and a snack can do the trick.
  • Dining Plans – speaking of food, if you get a dining plan, be sure you use all your credits before you leave the last day. You paid for them, cash those bad boys in! One time, we came home with 12 bags of chip and dale pretzels on the plane because we didn’t use all of our snack credits during our trip! Yes! A few snacks to eat on the way home and a few for the days after the vacation to remember it by.
  • Vacation blues – this comes without saying. Everyone gets some sort of “vacation blues” after they return home right? Well, if you love Disney as much as we do, you will end up with a serious case of the vacation blues when you come home. The venture back to “reality” was much harder than we anticipated. We just want to be princesses all the time! (Who doesn’t right?)

What are some things you have learned from your Disney trips before?

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