What to pack? Top 5 items!

So you booked a Disney trip.

First off, congrats! Woohoo! Let the magic begin!

Secondly, we are super jealous! Take us with you? Pretty please!

You have chosen a hotel to stay at, booked your flights or prepared mentally for the drive in the car. You picked out all of your FastPasses and planned which park to visit each day of your trip. You may have even booked all your “fancy” or “special” meals for each day as well. Good for you.

Now the most important and often stressful things left for your trip is: packing your suitcase. Oh what to take!?!? It can be so overwhelming trying to figure out what to take on a trip to Disney when there are so many different lists, checklists, and suggestions online – we know for sure!

Here is a list of the top 5 items to take on every Disney trip! You can’t go wrong with these and we promise they will provide the best use on your trip.

  1. Two pair of cushioned walking shoes. Do not take flip flops! Do not expect to last a week in sandals. And do not even think about wearing boots or cute heels! Crazy! No, cushioned tennis shoes that are meant for lots of walking. LOTS OF WALKING! Why two pair? Because your feet are going to get hot and sweat and possibly soaked from water rides; you need a second pair to trade off every other day.
  2. A light weight jacket or sweatshirt that you can comfortably wear around your waist outside, but slip on inside a cold building. We know, it’s hot all the time at Disney (World or Land; both are hot)! But, when you’ve been outside in the heat for hours, and finally find air conditioning, it feels great for a bit; until the moisture on your clothes begins to get cold and then you are suddenly freezing inside a restaurant or show. Nothing is more miserable than that. That’s why we suggest taking a light weight jacket or sweatshirt that you can tie around your waist comfortably and it doesn’t cause any sort of extra “pain” during your visit.
  3. Sunglasses. Need we say more. You are outside in the rays of the sun all…day…long. Protect your eyes. Please!
  4. Sunscreen/Lip Balm – these two count as one item because they go hand in hand. Protect yourself with these too!
  5. A set limit for your spending budget when there! Ok, so this is not really something you can “pack” in your suitcase. But it is definitely something worth mentioning. You have to know how much you are willing to spend maximum out of pocket during the trip before your get there. If you don’t make this decision before your get there, you are going to end up spending an exorbitant amount of money and be upset when you come home.

Now that you have the top 5 items that are the most important to take to Disney on your trip, you can pack the other necessities for clothing, toiletries, etc.

Once you get there, be sure to enjoy every single second of the magic!

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