Packing hacks to use on your trip!

Looking for a couple of “hacks” for Disney trip? Here are a few things we learned during our few trips we have taken over the years.

  • Need something to protect your electronics from water damage? Instead of buying an expensive cover = use ziplock bags. You probably already have the sizes you need at home and can easily pack away 10 of each size quickly. (We always pack 10 for the two of us in case they tear or get dirty.)
  • Need to condense down your clothing? Instead of packing a separate outfit for each day = pick out a shirt for each day and then two different pair of shorts/pants that match all of the shirts. This way you can mix and match and only get dirty fewer pieces of clothing.
  • Need a stroller for your trip? Debating on taking your own and lugging it through the airport or getting one once you arrive? How about this: Disney offers a rental program where you pay for the total number of days you need a stroller and can pick up your rental at each park when presenting your rental ticket. Yes!!!! Easy peasy! OR, even better: there are companies that will rent a stroller to you and drop it off at your resort hotel for your trip and pick it back up at the end! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! OR, one more idea: buy an umbrella stroller at the resort and either participate in their “buyback” program where you get refunded a portion of the cost due to use OR you can pay it forward by giving the umbrella stroller to a family that is arriving the same day you are leaving.

These are just a few of the packing hacks we have discovered during our trips to the parks. Hope they help with your park planning too!

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