10 Curb Appealing Autumn Decorating Ideas

See the fun 10 curb appealing autumn decorating ideas we’ve gathered up for you from bloggers we’ve featured and from yours truly, too. These fall decorating ideas are easy to do, relatively inexpensive, and can create lots of ooh’s and ahhh’s from your neighbors and friends.

Enjoy all that fall has to offer by decorating your front porch and yard in style. Create an entrance that makes a statement without breaking the bank by decorating your front porch for fall.

From simple to sophisticated, our outdoor fall decorating ideas are sure to inspire you!

an autumn decorated front porch


Captured fall colors on front porch

We’ve selected 10 rather curb appealing displays you can mimic or combine different features to create a aesthetically pleasing array for fall.

These fall displays can be adapted for any size porch, from large wraps to small porticos.

Many of the items shown can be found in your home, garage, or attic – making it not only easy but inexpensive as well!

Which Of Teh 10 Curb Appealing Autumn Decorating Ideas Will You Try?

1: Combine Autumn Design Elements

A sure way to get the “fall” look is to combine the elements of color, texture, and nature. You won’t have to look far to achieve this look. Household items like the rake, the chair, and planters are probably within reach.

You can paint the planters in autumn colors or wrap the planters in burlap. Collect branches from your own trees or your neighbors (ask first).

Just Paint It Fall Porch Tour
fall display and photo courtesy of Just Paint It

You can purchase an inexpensive wreath straw form or create a wreath from materials you may have on hand. Have a piece of wood laying around? Transform it into an aged “welcoming” sign.

Cover pillows with painters cloth (which is easy to paint if you so desire). We can show you how.


2: Use Bold Autumn Colors

Make a statement by creating a focal point on your porch with color. Coordinate the color in blankets, throws, pillows, pumpkins, mums, and leaves to create an explosion of fall color. You don’t need to purchase expensive items to make a curb appealing array of autumn magic!

Stone Gable: Fall on Front Porch
Fall decor and photo courtesy of Stone Gable

Although you could purchase lanterns and large planters, you could just as easily place items on small tables or stack boxes to create height if needed. No one knows what lies underneath once covered with painters cloth or burlap!

Tablescape Your Porch

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Don’t forget to add autumn decor to your tables on the porch; it’s easy to do. We discovered this autumn LED latern that will add lots of warmth to your porch this fall.

Fall LED Lantern – Amazon affiliate

We found many other autumn decorations here that we know you’ll enjoy.

3: Use Plants and Get Creative

Use one color or a variety to create an eye-catching fall array. You could replicate the containers in the photo below but you could also get creative and use pots and planters you already have on hand.

Cottage at the Crossroads Fall Porch Tour
Decor and photo courtesy of Cottage at the Crossroads

Try arranging the plants in different patterns to see what works best for your space. Using containers of different sizes makes things interesting. Try stacking them in a pyramid or arrange on boxes of different heights.

4: Get Simple

What does a chair, a mum, a pumpkin, and a piece of autumn colored cloth on the front porch create?

A nifty, yet colorful, autumn decorating idea!

Adventures in Decorating Fall Front Porch
Display and photo courtesy of Adventures in Decorating

Want to add a bit more color? Use orange paint to add a little trim color to the chair. We often forget that it’s the little things that add the most interest.

5: Hitch Your Wagons

Have a little red wagon in the garage? Or a wheelbarrow? Or an old washtub? Or an old bike with a basket?

Any one of those items can easily be transformed into a fall decoration. Load ’em with pumpkins, mums, straw, or a combination of all three to create a fun porch decoration. Go crazy!

old wagon filled with autumn decorations
Thanks to Tress D. for sharing with us

6: Pumpkin Arrangements

Ever notice how some pumpkin arrangements look better than others? Too often we throw a few pumpkins on the porch steps and call it good.

We encourage you to take a few minutes regarding this autumn decorating idea and work on arranging them so they actually become pleasing to your eye.

My Soulful Home Fall Front Porch
Pumpkin arrangement and photo courtesy of My Soulful Home

Again, you don’t need to get fancy. Adding a mixture of different pumpkin types along with other decorative items can be a good start. Give your pumpkin display a little height and try adding a contrasting color or texture to the mix.

7: Indulge Your Porch

Dress your front porch (or back porch) in autumn splendor as a major part of your outdoor fall decorating; get fancy if you will. Fine fabrics and plates on a small table can really make a statement. Most of us have something packed away that might just be perfect to create an autumn table setting. Indulge your porch; how creative can you be?

Back Porch Musings: Sweet Autumn Day
Fall porch and photo courtesy of Back Porch Musings

8: Pretty Your Porch

A porch as pretty as a picture! Simple autumn pillows on wicker furniture.

Often times less is more. Don’t underestimate the power of using just a few simple items to create a elegant looking fall array.

autumn colors on pillows
Autumn porch and photo courtesy of On Sutton Place

9: Simplistic Beauty

As in the photo above, using the right elements makes all the difference. Adding any more to this autumn display would probably detract from its simplistic beauty.

orange-striped pillows on porch furniture
Fall display and photo courtesy Thrifty Decor Mom

10: For the Crafty

Many of us like to make something fun for autumn. This autumn fence complete with pumpkins can be used throughout the year to celebrate many different occasions. Display it in your yard or on your porch. We show you how!

wooden autumn pumpkin fence decoration in yard
Autumn pumpkin fence – courtesy of Mary and I


We hope you enjoyed these 10 curb appealing autumn decorating ideas and encourage you to explore all of our fall decorating ideas!

autumn decorated front porch in blue and oranges

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