20 Cat Beds in Every Shape and Size that Your Cat Will Adore

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FOR CAT PEOPLE | By Erin Dotson-Kelly

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Having a comfortable place to sleep and lounge is a must-have for everyone, and that includes your cats. They want a place where they can feel safe, warm, get a good night’s rest, and be alone when they desire.

Finding the right bed, though, can be challenging! There are so many choices when it comes to cat beds: flat pillows to small boxes to large towers and perches, and even ones with activities to keep your cat active. The choices can be overwhelming! But we’ve found the best of the best, the favorites of many cat owners online, and know that you can find the bed of your cat’s dreams below.

1. Kitty City Large Stackable Cat Bed

This simple cat bed box can be folded flat if needed. You can also add a second box and stack for more jumping and climbing for your cat.Buy Now on AMAZON for $30.99

2. Meowfia Felt Cat Cave

This cozy cave is made from 100% Merino wool and is perfect for your cat to curl up in.Buy Now on Amazon for $42.99

3. Trixie Foldable Cat Tower

This tower has it all! A napping hammock, enclosed sleep space on the bottom, hanging toys to swat, and it even folds up for quick storage.Buy Now on AMAZON for $37.53

4. Amazon Basics Scratching Post and Hammock

Comes in your choice of two neutrals: tan and black. Your cat will enjoy two scratching posts and a relaxing hammock.Buy Now on Amazon for $24.99

5. Miss Meow Convertible Cat Bed

This cat bed converts from this cave to a flat bed. It’s made from fleece and has a non-slip bottom to keep it in place while your cat gets cozy.Buy Now on AMAZON for $26.99

6. Kitty City Sleeper

This sleeper space is great for multiple cats to lounge and sleep. With its modular design, you can buy additional pieces to expand into a larger playscape.Buy Now on Amazon for $21.99

7. Bewishome Cat Condo and Tree

This large cat tree gives your cat their pick from multiple sleeping places and places to scratch and play in your choice of three colors.Buy Now on Amazon for $79.90

8. Petgrow Banana Bed

This giant banana bed is just the piece of comfortable sleep space for your cat and unique and kitschy decor for your home. The top peels back to give your cat an open bed and closes when they’d like a bit more privacy.Buy Now on Amazon for $35.99

9. Pet Magasin Cave Bed

This bed works like a sleeping bag, but can also convert into three other sleeping formations. Its faux fur lining ensures warmth and comfort.Buy Now on Amazon for $26.99

10. PetPawJoy Window Perch

This space-saving window perch gives your cat a sunny place to snooze. For even more comfort, add a small pillow and your cat will never want to get up.Buy Now on Amazon for $17.89

11. Persuper Hammock

For something that can blend into the decor of your home, try this modern, elevated cat hammock.Buy Now on Amazon for $39.99

12. CO-Z Cat Condo

This cat condo has it all. Two places to rest and sleep, a scratching ramp, and even some hanging toys to swat for your cats to enjoy.Buy Now on Amazon for $35.99

13. Pawhut Natural Cat Condo

Give yourself something gorgeous for your home while staying functional for your cat. It’s made of banana leaf and has a cozy cave-like place for your cat to sleep.Buy Now on Amazon for $55.99

14. Hollypet Novelty Cat Bed

Let your cat know what it’s like to sleep inside a shark! This bed can also be folded down to be a flat sleeping space.Buy Now on Amazon for $18.99

15. Amazon Basics Cat Condo Ottoman

Here’s a great piece of multifunctional furniture. Now your cat can have a cozy place to sleep while you have a place to rest your feet.Buy Now on Amazon for $34.99

16. Trixie Cat Castle

A bed fit for a princess! Your cat will get the royal treatment with their choice of perch, cat rooms, and a scratching post and swatting toys.Buy Now on Amazon for $89.99

17. Pet Pals Natural Perch

This elegant cat bed is great for multiple cats and can easily blend into your home.Buy Now on Amazon for $89.98

18. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Multiple places to perch and sleep. Ladder for climbing. Multiple scratching posts. Comes in multiple colors.Buy Now on Amazon for $66.65

19. Best Pet Tall Cat Tower

If you’re looking for the ultimate cat bed and playground, look no further! Your cat has no less than five places to rest and perch while also staying active with the many activities on this seven-foot tall structure!Buy Now on Amazon for $64.99

20. Lazy Buddy Modern Cat Tree

This beautiful wood design tree comes in three heights and gives your cat endless places to perch. It’s easy to clean, and the pillows are all washable.Buy Now on Amazon for $119.99

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Erin Dotson-Kelly

Erin Dotson-Kelly

Erin Dotson-Kelly is a writer, editor, and educator who lives in Southern California. She spends her days writing, raising her toddlers, and rubbing the bellies of her Chihuahuas, Millie and Riker.


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