Autumn Back Porch Ideas

Fresh, Simple, Pleasing!

Autumn back porch ideas are not much different from front porch decorating, however you may use your back porch in different ways from your front porch. Back porches tend to be more private and suited to entertaining, dining and cookouts.

Dave and I are super blessed to have a front porch, side porch and back porch – and each serves it purpose.

We want to share how we transformed our back porch into a peaceful autumn retreat.

Hope you glean some autumn back porch ideas from our pictures here.

Autumn Back Porch Ideas

Easy DIY cushion covers for our autumn back porch - just like a pillowcase

Our back porch sorely needed some sprucing up for the autumn season so making new cushion covers was the first step we took. Let us walk you through the autumn touches we gave our back porch including some instructions on the cushion covers.

Our back porch was freshened up for autumn

First, a view of our back porch. As you can see it sits next to a wooded area – which is quite lovely. We use the back porch mainly for entertaining family and friends so having a comfortable table and chairs is important to us.

That’s why we love cushions and rugs! Do you as well?

We added a few seasonal touches like pumpkins and mums here and there – which immediately speaks autumn.

Best Thing: Recovering Our Chair Cushions!

We recovered our chair cushions which gave our back porch a big lift. Ready for autumn!

Recovering the chair cushions made a big difference in our autumn porch

Our chair cushions (which used to be red and white striped) had faded from the sun and were showing some wear. Not the fresh and appealing look you want for your porch.

But there were still nice enough to keep. So, the easy answer was to simply re-cover them. I am not talking about tailored upholstery. Not at all!

Let me tell you these new covers are the best! They make the whole back porch look so much brighter and fresher for the upcoming autumn days!

How did we do it? I used the very same “giant pillow case” technique as I showed you in this tutorial for making a large pillow-case out of painters drop cloth to recover cushions.

The only thing that I did differently is that I didn’t bother to sew the opening of the pillow case closed. Instead, I just made it a little longer so that it could tuck underneath the cushion where I pinned it.

I like using painter’s drop cloth fabric but you could use any durable fabric of your choice. The reason I like the canvas drop cloth fabric is:

  • It’s very affordable and easy to find at home improvement stores
  • It’s durable and stays looking nice
  • Fading is not much of an issue because it’s already light in color. So no need to re-do everything season after season.

Video: Recover Your Cushions This Easy Pillow Case Way

Imagine what you can do with your porch for autumn!

The Basic Chair Cushion Cover

Chair with freshly re-covered cushion made from painters drop cloth - a canvas like material

Here you see how the basic painters drop cloth cushion cover looks when it is completed. It’s just a large pillow-case (sewn on 3 sides and open on the 4th side) that the cushion slips into.

The opening is at the bottom of the cushion. We included enough extra length on the pillow case so that we could fold it underneath the cushion and pin it.

In the video below above I explain how the cushion cover is made and I demonstrate putting it on. If you want super detailed instructions, then look at this tutorial for a similar project.

Now the Cover with the Topper

We added a topper to our chair cushion cover to add color and makes it nice for updating for the seasons

Now you see the cushion cover with the added “topper” to give it color and potentially make it seasonal. This too was very easy. It’s just a smaller pillow case kind of cover that pulls down over the back of the cushion and if fitted properly it stays put without pins or anything.

No-Sew Pillows for Autumn (or any Season)

No sew pillow covers that are super easy to make especially when your pillows are more for show than anything else

We also made these no-sew decorative pillows for our autumn porch. Talking about simple. Honestly, this is not our original idea but it is one we really like.

And how easy it would be to make these again for the holidays with red or green fabric. Maybe gold or silver even. Don’t overlook printed, checked or plaid fabric either.

Below is a visual of how easy these are to make. If that does not provide enough detail, then watch our short video of these no-sew pillows.

Pictures to show you how to cover a pillow without any sewing involved

If your porch pillows are mainly for show, then this method of covering your pillows is fantastic. No sewing is involved and it’s super quick.

Just get a large enough piece of fabric to wrap your existing pillow much like you would do to wrap a gift. The picture above gives you a general idea.

Then you will need a piece of burlap that is long enough to go around the pillow and then a few inches extra. Wrap the burlap around the pillow and secure in the back with safety pins.

Fold under the raw edge before pinning. Use twine or gold ribbon on the front to secure on a flower of some sort. We used a sunflower.

If the graphic above does not provide enough detail, please watch our video below. Thank you

Video: I Show You How to Make the No-Sew Pillow Covers

So easy to make these no-sew pillow covers for your porch

Hoping you enjoy our autumn porch ideas!

Autumn porch decorated with sunflower decor

Three no-sew pillows in golds and blue for our autumn back porch.

Make Porch Display Stands for Pumpkins and Mums – on the Cheap!

Porch display stands that Dave made with our grandchildren for just a few bucks

Would you believe this small stand for our mums cost only $3.28 to build? Our grandchildren helped Dave to build several of these from mini to double stands.

The stands are made from inexpensive fence slats. We have step-by-step instructions for these porch display stands right here.

Hope You Enjoyed Our Autumn Back Porch Ideas

Our peaceful and comfortable autumnm back porch

We hope you enjoyed these autumn back porch ideas. We’ve had several gatherings on our porch already this season: a Labor Day barbecue with our family and a cook out with neighbors. Our son likes to use the back porch for his home office on nice days and our granddaughter and I enjoyed a tea party out here.

It feels good to invite guests to our house knowing we have a porch that is welcoming yet not too fussy. How about you? Hoping you are looking forward to the crisp cool autumn air like we are.

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Sunflower Decorations

Sunflower decorations on our porch make for a joyful happy theme

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Pumpkin Burlap Pillow – Small and Sweet

A cute little burlap pillow decorated with a pumpkin motif - just ribbon weaved in the burlap

Isn’t this a sweet burlap pumpkin pillow? We made it last year for our porch along with some super cute pumpkin pillow toppers. This burlap pillow is another one where it would be easy to do for each season: green burlap with gold ribbon for Christmas, yellow burlap with purple and pink yarn for spring.

Soft Chenille on Beth’s Fall Porch

We love Beth's autumn porch - Home Stories A to Z, featured on Front Porch Ideas and More

Beth, author of the blog Home Stories A to Z, used soft yellow chenille in her autumn pillows. Isn’t it so comfortable looking and a beautiful contrast to the red brick of her home? Stop by to visit her porch.

Autumn Picket Fence

We made this autumn picket fence for our front porch. Fun autumn decoration!

Dave made this picket fence for autumn. It’s the perfect place for our cute black cat to reside.

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