Personal resort reviews – All-Star Movies

So you’re thinking about staying at All-Star Movies Resort in Walt Disney World? Well, you are definitely in for a great stay, while also saving a ton of cash on your trip. BONUS!

Ok, so within the All-Star Resorts, there are three different options to choose from: All-Star Sports, All-Star Music and All-Star Movies. Each resort appeals to a different crowd taste obviously, but they all offer the same amenities on site. Each are going to have standard rooms sizes, standard bathroom features, dining options to cover a slew of food choices, a gift shop on site and staff that are super friendly.

And now, the reason you are here: to know the nitty gritty of our opinion while staying there? Well, here you go!

First off, the location of the resort is neither bad or ugly. You are located near the Animal Kingdom Park, next door to the other two All-Star Resorts. Each resort is surrounded by the typical Disney World Resort trees, which are beautiful. Plenty of nature views if you are in a room on the outer edge of each resort.

For initial reaction to the resort itself, it was great upon first glance. Obviously, it is one of the older resorts within Disney World, so you are going to see the “time-warp” pieces and possibly feel like you are going back in time when looking at the decor. Again, not bad at all, just “older” to the human eye. The rooms are perfect. Double queen beds, lamp in between, with a small dining table to use for “catch-all area” or eating. You get a dresser and tv as well. The attached bathroom is separated by a curtain from the sleeping area, with a door separating the toilet and shower area from the rest of the room. You really can’t go wrong in a hotel room of this nature honestly. Really, you’re just sleeping there during your vacation.

The property is extremely clean, manicured landscapes with different movie themed memorabilia and statues scattered around the property. Giant movie characters like 101 dalmations! Super cute! Lots of great photo opportunities if you are a sports fanatic. There are tons of places to sit and observe on a park bench.

The dining room/hall is your typical grab-and-go style, with your check out counters at the front. The food options cover a range of selections that are sure to appeal to the entire family during the duration of your trip.

The on-site gift shop has all the basic needs a traveler may encounter for first-aid, toiletries and even baby necessities. You will also find the standard park trinkets, clothing and travel garb (ie luggage, bags, purses, etc.) as you would see if the different parks. You won’t find your decorated photo frames or Christmas ornaments, but any clothing items and standard park trinket can be purchased at the hotel resort instead of the park if you wanted.

Have you stayed at the All-Star Movies resort? What were your thoughts on it?

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