America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds

Ever wonder how your favorite type of dog stacks up against the rest? At Rover, we were curious too, and took a look at dog breed data from over half a million pet parents nationwide to see which breeds reign supreme in America in 2019. We used this data to rank the top 20 most popular dog breeds nationally, and then looked at individual cities to dig up regional differences and showcase the five most beloved breeds in each city that outpaced their national rank. Unsurprisingly, mixed breeds, Labrador retrievers, and Chihuahuas take the top spots both nationally and in most cities across the U.S.Thinking of adopting a new family member? Whether your new pup is a single breed or a mix of five, learning about the best dog breeds for you can help inform your decision.


Beyond the rank

Breed rankings by cityNational

  • #1National Ranking

Mixed Breed

Often hardy and always unique, mixed breed dogs continually top lists of the most popular dog types in America. There’s a mixed pup out there for just about everyone!

  • #2National Ranking

Labrador Retriever

Labs are one of America’s most popular dog breeds. These high-spirited sporting dogs are perfect for people who love spending time outdoors swimming, jogging, or hunting.Learn more

  • #3National Ranking


Looking for a lot of personality in a compact package? Adopt a Chihuahua! They’re ideal dogs for city dwellers, but require training to temper their “big dog” attitudes.Learn more

  • #4National Ranking

Golden Retriever

Intelligence and a friendly disposition make goldens one of America’s most popular dog breeds. These smart pups do well with obedience training and make great hunters.Learn more

  • #5National Ranking

German Shepherd

Intelligent and protective, German shepherds make loyal companions. These dogs bond well with their owners through physical activities like herding, tracking, and agility.Learn more

  • #6National Ranking

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are true terriers: funny, feisty, and braver than their size implies. Known as “the tomboy toy,” Yorkies are also quite affectionate and favorites of city-dwellers worldwide.Learn more

  • #7National Ranking

Shih Tzu

Known as the “little lion dog,” the shih tzu is an outgoing and affectionate breed. Mischievous and playful, you’ll never have a dull moment with a shih tzu around!Learn more

  • #8National Ranking


These spunky pups are full of personality. Ever curious and alert, dachshunds are notoriously stubborn and require patience to train, though the results are totally worth it.Learn more

  • #9National Ranking


Fun-loving and protective of their people, boxers make great companions. Consider a boxer if you’re an active individual looking for a playful, high-energy dog.Learn more

  • #10National Ranking


The goldendoodle is a fairly new crossbreed that’s growing in popularity. They’re known for their teddy bear looks, low-shedding coats, and friendly personalities.Learn more

  • #11National Ranking


From toy to standard sizes, poodles are intelligent, athletic dogs. Bred originally as hunting dogs, these pups especially enjoy retrieving toys, swimming, and long walks or jogs.Learn more

  • #12National Ranking


With their pleading expressions and funny personalities, it’s hard to resist a beagle. They make excellent hunting dogs and tend to be very loyal to their people.Learn more

  • #13National Ranking

Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds are tireless partners and working dogs through and through. This incredibly smart breed makes an excellent companion for experienced dog owners.Learn more

  • #14National Ranking

Siberian Husky

Quite friendly and social, Siberian husky dogs can make great family dogs. They do well with owners who can keep them busy and active on daily walks.Learn more

  • #15National Ranking


Outgoing and affectionate, Maltese dogs make charming companions. Requiring only moderate exercise, these pups can be sweet, if at times stubborn, family pets.Learn more

  • #16National Ranking

American Pit Bull Terrier

With naturally gentle, loyal dispositions, pit bull terriers can make great family pets. This breed responds well to training and are popular obedience and agility competitors.Learn more

  • #17National Ranking


Charming, funny, and mischievous, pugs make loving pets. Small yet solid, they’re the ideal house dog and happy in just about any home—city or country, kids or none.Learn more

  • #18National Ranking

French Bulldog

Stocky like an English bulldog but not as large, Frenchies are great for homes of all sizes. They don’t need a ton of exercise—nice walks and trips to the dog park work well.Learn more

  • #19National Ranking


With their foxy faces and big dog attitudes, Poms command attention wherever they go. They’re also smarter than their cute appearance may imply, mastering tricks with ease.Learn more

  • #20National Ranking

Border Collie

This energetic workaholic is not for the novice dog owner. At the end of a long day, however, they’ll happily snuggle up with their favorite person to celebrate a job well done.Learn more

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Find the Right Breed for You

Looking to adopt a dog? Congrats! In a survey of over 1,000 dog parents, we found that nearly 80% considered their own lifestyle in the process, including their living situation (50%), family (42%), schedule (39%), and activity level (30%). Though every dog has its own personality and mixed breeds are the most popular, this tool can help you discover which dog breed traits best fit your lifestyle. Answer questions about your preferences and we’ll match you with compatible breeds from Rover’s list of the 50 most popular dog breeds.

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10 Common Dog Breed Misconceptions

We at Rover love dogs of all breeds—purebred or mixed. Though dogs tend to have specific traits with their own personalities, certified professional dog trainer and pet lifestyle expert Nicole Ellis shared with us 10 common breed misconceptions to watch out for.

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