How to Make an Outdoor Movie Screen

PVC pipes and a drop cloth come together to make all your summer movie-night dreams come true. Turn your backyard into your own personal theater with this easy DIY movie screen.By Hannah Bruneman July 31, 2019SavePinFBMore×00:0400:15DIY Outdoor Movie ScreenTurn your backyard into an outdoor theater with this DIY screen made with a drop cloth and PVC pipes.Share: DIY Outdoor Movie Screen×Direct Link

Watch your favorite flick from the comfort of your backyard with a DIY outdoor movie screen. This PVC pipe frame and simple drop cloth screen requires few tools and can be built before sunset. Pair it with a big pile of pillows and blankets for a night under the stars. It’s the best way to catch a summer movie while dodging traffic at the drive-in!

backyard movie screen projector reel showtime sign


How to Make an Outdoor Movie Screen

All it takes is a few PVC pipes, a drop cloth, and some basic tools to make this movie screen. Start popping the popcorn now, because you’ll be done building it in no time.

Supplies Needed

  • Hacksaw
  • (3) 1-1/4-inch PVC pipe, 10-foot length each
  • (2) 1-1/4-inch PVC pipe elbows
  • (2) 1-1/4-inch PVC pipe T-joints
  • Scissors
  • 6×9-foot canvas drop cloth
  • Adhesive hook-and-loop tape
  • (2) U-channel posts
  • Hammer

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these steps to assemble the pipe frame and attach the drop-cloth screen. You’ll need a partner to help secure the finished movie screen into the ground.

Step 1: Cut Pipes

Use a hacksaw to cut two 10-foot lengths of PVC pipe into two 7-foot and two 3-foot sections. Cut the remaining 10-foot PVC pipe in half; set aside.

Step 2: Assemble Frame

Attach a pipe elbow to each side of one 7-foot PVC pipe piece. Add a 5-foot pipe section to each elbow. Next, add a T-joint to each of the 5-foot sections.

Step 3: Finish Frame

Complete the frame by adding the other 7-foot piece to the T-joints. You should now have a square frame where the screen will attach. Next, add a 3-foot PVC pipe section to the bottom of each T-joint.

Step 4: Attach Screen to Frame

For the screen, use scissors to cut a drop cloth into a 6×7-foot rectangle. Before attaching, you may need to steam or iron your cut drop cloth to remove wrinkles. Wrap one of the 6-foot sides around one 7-foot PVC pipe, with a few inches of overlap. We secured our screen with adhesive hook-and-loop tape; this way, you can break apart your movie screen for storage once the season ends. For a more permanent build, you could also sew the edges of your screen around the frame.

Step 5: Secure Screen into Ground

Drive U-channel posts into the ground 7 feet apart using a hammer. With a partner, lift up the screen and slide each 3-foot PVC piece onto U posts, twisting as needed to tighten.

  • By Hannah Bruneman
  • Contributor: Lindsay Berger

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