47 Cute Gift Ideas That the Women In Your Life Definitely Deserve

Moms! Aunts! Sisters! Friends! etc. etc.by LAUREN ADHAV FEB 4, 2020imageCOURTESY / JOHN FRANCIS

You already know this, but it needs to be said: You don’t necessarily *need* a special occasion to get the woman in your life a present! But just in case her birthday or an anniversary is coming up, you might wanna take a look at this list stat. Whether you’re her coworker, S.O., or BFF, you can sometimes draw a blank trying to think of a unique gift to give that she’s hasn’t already received. But it’s going to be OK! We’ve rounded up a bunch of hella cute presents, including faux-fur coats, diffusers, and, yes, AirPods, that she’d love to unwrap—trust. Here, 47 gift ideas for women to give her on a specific occasion or to surprise her with just because.
1this bright knitRory Sweater

LINE + DOTamazon.com$69.30SHOP NOW

It’s almost spring so swap out her black sweaters for one on the bolder end of the color spectrum. A style with cute stitching adds texture and makes it extra cozy. 2this relaxing essential oilUnwind – Essential Oil Blend

PADDYWAXpaddywax.com$17.00SHOP NOW

If she’s feeling a little high strung, she can wind down and de-stress by rubbing this essential oil on her wrists and breathe in, or she can use it in a diffuser. 3this cute lil diffuserRanger Essential Oil Diffuser

SERENE HOUSEurbanoutfitters.com$25.00SHOP NOW

Speaking of diffusers, her bedroom/living area/desk will be so much more cozy with a sleek one that’s easy to use and is in a portable size. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW4this smooth eyelinerDeep Brown Liquid Eyeliner


This ultra slick liquid liner from Lady Gaga’s beauty brand will make her eyes pop and give them extra dimension. 5these all-weather bootsOriginal Short Insulated Pac Boots: Black/Galvanize

HUNTERhunterboots.com$130.00SHOP NOW

The waterproof material and insulated lining of these booties will keep her feet dry AND warm when the temps are quite literally freezing outside. 6this festive bouquetRavishing

THE BOUQS CO.bouqs.com$54.69SHOP NOW

A great no-fuss gift is a simple bouquet that she can display in a vase in any room. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW7this statement headbandRosa Headband

AVENUE THE LABELavenuethelabel.com$65.00SHOP NOW

If she’s on top of all the trends, she’ll be obsessed with this hair accessory. This style even comes in four other bright hues. 8this oversize zip-upFuzzy Faux-Shearling Zipper Jacket

ECOWISHamazon.com$31.59SHOP NOW

As temperatures slowly begin to drop with fall approaching, she will definitely appreciate a warm jacket in a soft faux-shearling material.9this chic gold chargerUltra Slim Marble Power Bank Battery Backup

LAXamazon.com$39.97SHOP NOW

No more dead phone, TG. This marble-patterned charging hub with gold accents will simplify her life while adding a touch of design to her countertop.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW10these wireless headphonesApple AirPods with Charging Case

APPLEamazon.com$159.00$128.99 (19% off)SHOP NOW

If she doesn’t already have AirPods, she definitely needs a pair. These wireless earbuds connect automatically and offer more than 24 hours listening time.11this cute maskSilk Adjustable Sleep Mask

TIM & TINAamazon.com$7.99SHOP NOW

Beauty sleep never looked so good. She’ll love this silk bedtime accessory with an artsy Van Gogh print.12this boxy crossbodyLeah Camera Bag

ITALICitalic.com$195.00SHOP NOW

A simple logo-free crossbody is one she’ll have forever. This camera bag shape comes in a bunch of colors and it’s just the right size. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW13these pocket crystalsPersonal Power Pocket Crystals

KITSCHamazon.com$28.00SHOP NOW

Listen, either you’re into crystals or you aren’t, but there’s no denying these are pretty, whether she uses them as decor or for their special powers.14this cute neon signLED Neon Blue “Dream” Wall Sign

ISAAC JACOBSamazon.com$32.99SHOP NOW

A lil neon sign she can easily install on any wall will make her room super chic (and Instagrammable).15this simple chain necklaceFlat ChainTYLER HAYWARDMEJURImejuri.com$70.00SHOP NOW

Chain necklaces are all the rage this fall, so she’ll definitely feel on trend walking around in this pretty gift. It’s subtle on its own, or she can layer it with her other gold pieces. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW16this pastel polaroidInstax Mini 9 Instant Camera

FUJIFILMurbanoutfitters.com$69.00SHOP NOW

A Polaroid camera is useful to document your friendship with. She can take it on trips, and it’s easy to travel with thanks to its smaller size and handy wrist strap.17this hair travel setNeon Halo

R + COdermstore.com$77.00SHOP NOW

A hair set with shampoo, conditioner, shine cream, dry shampoo, and texture spray will be her most prized products, especially with the cute packaging. 18these croc-embossed bootsWinona Western Boot, Modern Ivory

SAM EDELMANamazon.com$126.00SHOP NOW

Time to say yee-effing-haw and get her these stylish boots that lean way into the Western trend you’re seeing everywhere.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW19this velvet-y liquid shadowSuede Shade Eyeshadow

STILAnordstrom.com$24.00SHOP NOW

Her eyelids will look killer with any of this spring-worthy periwinkle, but this easy-to-use product is also available in seven other hues. 20these tie-dye socksWomen’s Lightweight Quarter Sock 4-Pack

BOMBASbombas.com$53.20SHOP NOW

There’s nothing like wearing a pair of soft, cozy socks when it’s cold out. She’ll want to wear these fun ones around the house and with cute colorful outfits to show ’em off.21these silk hair ties6-Pack Slipsilk™ Skinny Hair Ties


Hair dents are SO annoying, but thankfully, she can avoid them with gentle silk hair ties that are strong enough to hold any ponytail without damaging her strands.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW22this fuzzy pillowMila Faux-Fur Throw Pillow

URBAN OUTFITTERSurbanoutfitters.com$39.00SHOP NOW

Her apartment is her sanctuary, so get her a faux-fur pillow that makes her bed or couch instantly more homey. This one comes in tons of colors that will match any decor.23these unique studsMini Dash Stud Earrings

SOKOshopsoko.com$48.00SHOP NOW

Stud earrings are a staple, but these ones curve right against your lobe in a cool teardrop shape that stands out from the others. 24this sleek exfoliatorDermaplaning Exfoliation Device


If she’s all about skincare and new beauty gadgets, a DIY dermaplaning tool will easily be incorporated into her nighttime routine. Yes, it’s a splurge, but she deserves it!ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW25this sleeved day dressEmilie Dress

VALENCIA & VINEamazon.com$138.00SHOP NOW

More dresses should be made with sleeves, and this is my swan song. But at least this pretty one already has ’em and is perfect for work or date night!26this box-chain ringEliza Thick Ring


If you wanna lean into that chain theme a bit, get her a matching ring.27this fancy numberRunaway Dress

KEEPSAKEamazon.com$180.00SHOP NOW

Anyone would appreciate getting such a fun, stylish dress! This one’s off-the-shoulder neckline, puff sleeves, and funky floral pattern make it a head turner that will get her all the compliments.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW28this bougie candleItaewon 565 Candle

SOOHYANGnordstrom.com$52.00SHOP NOW

Wow, this scent is all kinds of heavenly. With notes of green floral, her space will be transformed into an amazing-smelling garden. 29these navy sneakersVegan Suede and Mesh SneakersNET-A-PORTERVEJA24s.com$120.00SHOP NOW

If she’s more of a casual kicks type of gal, these navy-blue-and-pink ones by Veja will be right at the top of her wish list.30these stylish shadesAir Heart 51mm Sunglasses

LE SPECSnordstrom.com$69.00SHOP NOW

A pair of trendy Le Specs sunglasses is sure to be a hit. These bold frames accentuate the retro allure of full-coverage sunnies without feeling heavy.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW31this artsy bath matTalking Rocks Bathmat


This cute-ass mat features a modern abstract design that’s the perfect addition to any bathroom. Plus, its no-slip latex backing makes it a smart choice for post-shower safety.32this pillowcase fit for a royalSlip Queen Pillowcase

SLIPnordstrom.com$85.00SHOP NOW

Bedhead, be gone! A long-fiber, mulberry silk pillowcase promises a gentle sleeping surface for her skin and hair.33this cozy sunday situationSpa Set

SNOWEsnowehome.com$125.00SHOP NOW

Looks like self-care Sunday is about to get even better. She’ll love wrapping herself in a soft robe while lighting a scented candle for a feeling of absolute serenity.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW34this wine setTempt Canned Wine

TEMPTwinesociety.com$99.00SHOP NOW

She’ll thank you for introducing her to this canned wine. It’s a great grab-and-go product for her next picnic or the perfect single serving so she doesn’t have to open a full bottle!35this personalized journalClassic Monogrammable Journal

MARK & GRAHAMmarkandgraham.com$19.99SHOP NOW

If she’s the journaling type, this customizable vegan leather journal is a special place for her to jot down anything that comes to mind—and it fits right in her purse.36this luxe polish setBeautiful Dreamer Gel Lab Pro Nail Color Set


If she’s known to sport a different nail color every week, get her a pretty polish set that has a range of neutral and pastel shades suited for all occasions.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW37this life-changing organizerLip Gloss Holder Organizer

HBLIFEamazon.com$19.99$12.39 (38% off)SHOP NOW

If she’s the kind of woman who loves herself some lipstick (or lipgloss!), she’ll enjoy keeping her collection from scattering all over her bathroom drawers with this 24-compartment tray.38this silver signet ringBonito Zeus Star Ring

BONITObonitojewelry.com$70.00SHOP NOW

This timeless oval-shaped ring is super chic but also supports a great cause. For every $100 spent at Bonito, the company donates a backpack filled with supplies to a child in need.39this luxe facial experienceLa Vie en Rose Face Roller


A face roller made of real rose quartz can help de-puff, boost circulation, and improve elasticity.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW40this ott candle setVoluspa Macaron Collection

VOLUSPAnordstrom.com$75.00SHOP NOW

The next best thing to tasting a delectable macaron is smelling one. This five-piece candle set features delicious scents of the famed French cookie in adorable cases shaped to look like one too.41this graphic phone caseBlush Quartz, iPhone

SONIXshopsonix.com$35.00SHOP NOW

If her phone is like an appendage, it better have good skin. This marbled iPhone cover features gorgeous colorful swirls of pink and teal that’ll make it the star of any mirror selfie. 42this ladies-only skincare productMuff Masque

MUFF MASQUEfreepeople.com$14.00SHOP NOW

For the beauty lover who has all sorts of masks, she’ll definitely want to try this plant-based option for her most intimate area that’s designed to bring some extra pampering into her self-care routine. Users say this is great for after shaving to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW43this amazing-smelling sprayCôte d’Azur Hair Refresher

ORIBEnordstrom.com$26.00SHOP NOW

Her locks will feel instantly refreshed with light perfume spray that also happens to cut down on static. If you need proof of how good this smells, Côte d’Azur is such a popular fragrance that the brand even made it into its own perfume.44this eco-friendly yoga matRecycled Yoga Mat

SUGAMATsugamats.com$79.00SHOP NOW

Shopping for a yogi? She’ll definitely like this 5-mm mat suitable for all yoga activities. Bonus points for the fact that it’s made from repurposed wetsuits.45this versatile lipstick paletteSmashbox Be Legendary Pucker Up Lip Palette Neutral

SMASHBOXulta.com$11.97SHOP NOW

With the array of vivid shades this palette offers, you can’t go wrong. From a dusty mauve to deep burgundy, she’ll for sure like one (if not all of them!).46this luxe-af hair dryerDyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

DYSONamazon.com$399.99SHOP NOW

The best kind of day is a good hair day. That’s why a quiet hair dryer with ultra-fast drying technology would be a great gift.

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