The 14 Cutest Cat Breeds You’ll Want to Snuggle ASAP

While all cats have a way of charming us with their cuteness, some breeds are a cut above the rest.

These cats have that something extra. Something that elicits a collective “awwww” and an unmatched desire to cuddle. We’re talking swoon-worthy coats. Expressive eyes. Delightfully rounded figures.


You get the picture.

It was no easy task trimming this list down to a reasonable 14. Every kitty deserves a spot on this countdown! Nevertheless, we managed to pick out the absolute cutest cat breeds for your viewing enjoyment. Prepare for a cuteness overload.

1. Ragdoll


Meltingly sweet, the Ragdoll earned his name for his relaxed floppiness while being cuddled. It’s a good thing they enjoy being held so much—their colorpoint, semi-long coat is irresistible. This breed’s bewitching blue eyes definitely have us under a spell.

2. Munchkin cat

With a name like “Munchkin,” how could these cats not be cute? These diminutive felines are energetic extroverts who enjoy playing with everyone, dogs and cats included. The Munchkin’s short stature and whimsical personality will have you wrapped around his tiny finger in no time.

3. Siberian


The Siberian sports a magnificent double-coat with a fluffy neck ruff that protected him against the harsh winters of his homeland, Russia. This spunky breed has an adventurous spirit that makes him all the cuter. His adorable tufted ears earn this breed the highest marks for cuteness.

4. Cymric

A cat without a tail? Strangely adorable. This long-haired version of the tailless Manx cat is gentle and affectionate. The Cymric’s spherical body is beyond adorable—they have round heads, round eyes, and even rounded rear ends. This skilled jumper comes in a variety of colors, and we love them all!

5. Birman


Once called “The Sacred Cat of Burma,” the dignified Birman exudes elegance. This cutie will win you over with his beguiling eyes and silky coat. Birmans are people-oriented cats who make friends easily. They enjoy spending time with their families, and they love it when you lavish them with attention. Not that they need to twist your arm to do so.

6. Ragamuffin

Cousin to the sweet Ragdoll, the Ragamuffin is a large, fluffy furball who’s inclined to follow his humans wherever they go. He’s calm, patient, and playful, making him the ideal cat for families with young children. Seriously, what’s not to love about this charming kitty? Even his name is cute!

7. Abyssinian


There’s something about the Abyssinian’s inquisitive eyes and exotic, wildcat appearance that has us hooked. Known for their mischievous antics, this “clown of the cat kingdom” is endlessly curious and loves to explore. The spirited Aby is a persistent attention-seeker. Not that his people mind.

8. Bengal


This isn’t a low-maintenance feline, but it sure is a cute one! The Bengal’s wild appearance was achieved by crossing Asian leopards with domestic cats. Always on the go, Bengals enjoy climbing, playing fetch, and going for walks on a leash. One feature that brings this breed’s cuteness up a notch: the iridescent sheen that makes his coat look like it’s been dusted with glitter.

9. Egyptian Mau


One of the few domestic cat breeds with naturally occurring spots on its coat, the Egyptian Mau has us dazzled with his striking good looks and sweetly shy demeanor. This breed is sensitive and reserved—but earn his trust, and he’ll be your friend for life.

10. American Bobtail


The American Bobtail ticks all the cute boxes. Abundantly fluffy coat? Check. Cherubic expression? Check. Gorgeous coloring and a precious little “bobbed” tail? Check and check! This dog-like cat is easygoing and interactive. An American Bobtail will bond closely with his human family.

11. Chartreux


Affectionately referred to as “the smiling blue cat of France,” the Chartreux is a beloved rarity in the United States. We’re smitten with this cat’s rotund body, bright eyes, and plush blue-gray fur. His personable and loving nature makes him the ultimate lap-cat. Get ready for all the cuddles!

12. LaPerm

This breed’s kinky curls are reminiscent of the popular 80’s hairstyle, the perm. And while this outdated hairstyle may have met its demise decades ago, we think he’s seriously rocking the look. LaPerms have a habit of getting into mischief. But they’re so cute, we can forgive a little playful misbehavior.

13. British Longhair


On the quieter side, the British Longhair is a calm and dignified cat. This breed has a stocky build and a luxurious coat. His rounded eyes and chubby cheeks make the British Longhair one of the cutest cat breeds out there.

14. Turkish Angora


With ballerina-esque grace and strength, the lovely Turkish Angora is considered a national treasure in his homeland, Turkey. We can’t get enough of his long, silky coat and fluffy tail. But don’t let his elegant look fool you. These disarming felines are not as prim and proper as they appear. Turkish Angoras are active, humorous, and clever kitties—three traits we think make them all the cuter.

So there you have it. The cutest of the cute. Which of these endearing cats gets your vote?

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