20 Seriously Magical Cat Cardboard Houses You Can Buy on Amazon

Have you ever opened up a new cat toy just to have your cat ignore it in favor of the box it came in? Facts are facts: cats love boxes. Boxes are great hiding spots, superb hunting blinds, and sitting in a box might even feel like getting a hug. So why not celebrate your cat’s box obsession and brighten up your home decor at the same time?

As we go into the chillier months, your cat might love a fancy new box to cozy up in. Whether you choose a holiday theme or a modular modern feel, each of these special cat habitats (catitats?) is sure to be a magnet to your favorite feline.


1. Tank Playhouse by Suck UK 

Purr-nal General Fluffypants reporting for duty.Buy Now on Amazon

2. Cat Scratch & Play by ASPCA

That’s right! The cat took over the dog house. Sorry pupper.Buy Now on Amazon

3. Modern Cat Tunnel by Hi Animal

This customizable modular cat house set stacks and interlocks for dozens of design options. Stickers included!Buy Now on Amazon

4. Paper Cat House by Cozy69

For a cat with classic architectural style, this gabled cat house will make Fluffy feel like she’s back in New England. Carpeted with a corrugated scratching surface, she only needs to leave home at supper time.Buy Now on Amazon

5. Modern Cat Furniture by troppipets

Tuck this kitty pod amongst your house plants and Tiger will feel like she’s in the jungle.Buy Now on Amazon

6. Political Parody Cat Bed by FUZZU

We all know your cat is the real Head of State.Buy Now on Amazon

7. Winter House by Pawnie

When a real estate agent calls it “cozy” this is what he means. Just enough space to climb in and take a nap.Buy Now on Amazon

8. Castle Cat Scratcher House by Midlee

Surround this cat-stle with tiny flying dragons and your cat will look like King Kong when he bats them around.Buy Now on Amazon

9. Cottage Cat Scratcher House by Midlee

This dainty kitty cottage would look lovely nestled among potted catnip plants.Buy Now on Amazon

10. Fish Eye Window Cat Cubby by Kitty City

“There’s something fishy going on in here.”Buy Now on Amazon

11. Bubble Window Cat Cubby by Kitty City

“I will not leave this box until I have visual confirmation that you are approaching the cat bowl.”Buy Now on Amazon

12. Tower Playground Condo Hideout by Furhaven

A kitty condo fit for feline royalty! And what cat would ever deny that she is truly royalty?Buy Now on Amazon

13. Mermaid Fun Box with Scratching Board by DoyenCat

Your sweet little purr-maid can live her undersea fantasy while scratching at the ocean floor in search of treasure.Buy Now on Amazon

14. Gingerbread House Condo Hideout by Furhaven

Winter break with the kids at home? Talk about time standing still. Make the kids and the cat happy at the same time — keep them busy decorating this classic cat house with stickers, rhinestones, or bingo daubers!Buy Now on Amazon

15. Tiger Tent Hideout by Furhaven

This A-frame cutie features scratching mats on both sides of the roof and some very nap-worthy dark corners inside.Buy Now on Amazon

16. Cat Scratch Lounge Sofa Bed by PrimePets

A four-piece set with lots of arranging options, your cat can scratch and nap to her heart’s content inside, underneath, and on top of the lounge.Buy Now on Amazon

17. Modern Cat Condo by Cat Amazing Stacks

These sets of two cubes and a connecting tunnel can be combined with units of different colors and patterns, stacked and connected in a thousand different ways.Buy Now on Amazon

18. Feline Fortress Cat House by Petique

What’s better than a box? Three boxes! Whether your cats like to hang out together or you have one kitty who owns the whole place, the Feline Fortress is the perfect spot for surveying one’s domain.Buy Now on Amazon

19. Moon Cat Scratcher & Cat Bed by Cosmo’s Own

What better setting for a cat nap than on the moon itself?Buy Now on Amazon

20. Gingerbread Christmas Cat Scratcher House by Midlee

Your kitty can spend the winter trying to lure Hansel and Gretel into this sweet pad.Buy Now on Amazon

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