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Hey there Beauty!  So glad you made it here!  This is where you will find all sorts of beauty, fashion and lifestyle related information that we share freely.

In the midst of having a full-time career, raising a munchkin and trying to keep up with “all-the-things”, maintaining some resemblance of  beauty is hard at times.  Because of that struggling feeling, our owner felt like anything she found to help her personally and make her life easier, while feeling beautiful at the same time, she would share with the world.

Here you are going to find “all-the-things” that she does within her beauty routine each and every day.  Beauty related, fashion related and life related.  Follow along to see her outfit ideas, makeup looks and tutorials, hair styles, ideas and tutorials, manicure and pedicure secrets and a few of her life secrets to making each and every day count.

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As a bonus, we cannot wait to show you anything and everything SeneGence related.  We are sure you have heard of the product LipSense right?  The awesome lip color that goes on like a lip gloss and lasts up to 18 hours a day?  Yes! It really does have the ability to last that long AND it has over 30 shades to pick from!  There truly is a shade for everybody to wear.  If you have not heard of LipSense yet, just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!  We are here to share all the wonder of the product line with you.

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Hey, did you know that the company that produces that same amazing lip color also has other product lines?  It’s so much more than just a great lip color.  There is skincare, makeup, nail care and more.  All of the products are Cruelty-Free (no animal testing or animal by products are used, Gluten-Free and without GMOs, wax free and lead free, made with FDA approved ingredients and manufactured in pharmaceutical grade rated facilities in the USA for stringent quality control.

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